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Downtown Walk Around Summary

This report is a summary of the observations and recommendations resulting from an Iowa Downtown Resource Center Walk Around conducted in Whittemore, Iowa on July 31, 2019.

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Whittemore is Home to Kossuth County's "Freedom Rock"!

Whittemore is honored to now be known as the "Home of Kossuth County's 'Freedom Rock'"!

Painted the week of June 29-July 2, 2015, the public is invited to view this fantastic accomplishment by artist Ron "Bubba" Sorensen.  It is located just west of Seely-Walsh Post #425 of the American Legion at 605 Broad Street, or at the west end of Whittemore's main (Broad) street business district.

Seely-Walsh Post #425 of the American Legion is OPEN for refreshments, pizza & light munchies each Sunday afternoon from 4:00-10:00 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to stop and partake in some fellowship!

Giving to Don J Whittemore Fund

Consider giving to the Don J. Whittemore Endowment Fund.
There is still time to donate to the Don J. Whittemore Endowment Fund and receive the 25% State of Iowa income tax credit.
Make your checks payable to: Kossuth County Community Foundation Fund 681P, which is the Don J. Whittemore Endowment Fund.
Mail checks to: Kossuth County Community Foundation, 3117 Greenhill Circle, Cedar Falls, IA 50613.
Donations of $100.00 or more will automatically qaulify you for the Iowa tax credit. For donations of less than $100.00 be sure to tell them when sending your donation that you want to have the Iowa tax credit.
Any questions, feel free to contact Stuart Simonson at 515-884-2648 or 515-320-0779

Don J Whittemore Fund

Don J. Whittemore Endowment Fund Accepting Non-profit Grant Applications for 2015.
The Don J. Whittemore Endowment Fund was established on May 6, 2009. Donations to an endowment fund stay in the fund and only the earnings from the fund are granted out ...thus for good, for Whittemore, for ever. There is also a 25% Iowa income tax credit for donations made to an Iowa Endowment Fund. Grant applications from Whittemore qualified Non-Profit Agencies excluding religious organizations and schools are now being accepted. The applications are available here on the Whittemoreiowa website under COMMUNITY - GRANTS. Applications must be mailed by Friday, January 16, 2015 to be considered this grant year. Questions, please contact Stuart Simonson at 515-884-2648, or home 515-884-0055.

Pet Owners – Take Note!

In the spring and fall of each year, when the cooler temperatures are in the forecast and household windows are open, pet owners are reminded of Ordinance No. 169 which refers to “Animal Protection & Control” and more specifically the sections listed below:

  • Section 3-2.105 ANIMALS RUNNING AT LARGE – It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow animals to run at large within the corporate limits of the City.
  • Section 3-2.106 BOTHERSOME ANIMALS – It shall be unlawful for a person to keep within the city such bothersome animals which tend to disrupt the peace and good order of the community.
  • Section 3-2.108 ANNOYANCE OR DISTURBANCE – It shall be unlawful for the owner of an animal to allow or permit such animal to cause serious annoyance or disturbance to any person or persons.
  • Section 3-2.110 AT LARGE ANIMALS, IMPOUNDMENT – Animals found at large in violation of this chapter shall be seized and impounded, or, at the discretion of the peace office, the owner may be served a summons to appear before a proper county official to answer charges made thereunder.
  • Section 3-2.144 FILING COMPLAINTS AND FINES– All complaints, written and verbal, will be directed to the Superintendent or other city officials for assessment and upon determination of violation, the following policy will be in force:
    • FIRST VERIFIED COMPLAINT – No fine. Written notice issued to owner.
    • SECOND VERIFIED COMPLAINT - $50.00 fine imposed to owner.
    • THIRD VERIFIED COMPLAINT - $100.00 fine imposed to owner.
Please be aware of your neighbors! More times than not, they hear your dog barking when you don’t. Your neighbor’s property is not a litter box or a playground for your cat.

Reminder to Parents & Children – Curfew Ordinance in Effect!

Per Ordinance No. 127, passed and approved by the City Council of Whittemore, Iowa on August 1, 1994, the following reasonable curfew is in effect for the safety and welfare of all citizens of the community.

“It is unlawful for any minor (person below the age of eighteen (18 years) to be or remain upon any of the alleys, streets or public places of business and amusement in the city between the hours of ten thirty (10:30) o’clock p.m. and five (5) o’clock a.m. Sunday through Thursday and twelve-thirty (12:30) o’clock a.m. and five (5) o’clock a.m., Friday and Saturday.

The restriction provided by subsection 2.1-1.0102 (2) shall not apply to any minor who is accompanied by a guardian, parent or other person charged with the care and custody of such minor, or other responsible person over eighteen (18) years of age, nor shall the restriction apply to any minor who is traveling between his home or place of employment, church, municipal, school, or social function was being held.”

Parents and guardians, thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

We’ve Created a Stink!!

Natural gas is odorless. So we add a distinctive smell to make leaks easier to find. If you happen to smell gas in your home, here are some tips on what to do.

  • First , NEVER inspect for gas leaks with a match, lighter, open flame or battery operated devise that might cause a spark.
  • Next, make sure that all pilots are lit, and that the burners on your gas range haven’t been accidentally turned on. If you discover a pilot out, turn the appliance off for awhile before you re-light it.
  • If that doesn’t solve the problem and the odor grows stronger: - Open your windows and doors. – Extinguish any open flames, and DON’T use electrical or battery operated equipment that might cause a spark! – Go to a neighbor’s house and call Whittemore Municipal Utilities at 515-884-2631.
We’ve created a stink, it’s true, but because of it natural gas has an excellent safety record. And that kind of success smells pretty sweet to us!

Whittemore Municipal Utilities
310 -315 Fourth Street- PO Box 116, Whittemore, IA 50598
Light Plant: 515-884-2631 – City Hall: 515-884-2265
Electric – Gas – Water – Sewer – Solid Waste

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5 Oct

Small Town Scramble Day 1

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Small Town Scramble Day 2

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Small Town Scramble Day 3

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8 Oct

American Legion Pancake Breakfast

Members of Seely-Walsh Post #425 of the American Legion
serve delicious pancakes, fried eggs, sausage & toast.
Serving is from 8:00am -…

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28 Oct

Kid's Halloween Costume Party Sponsored by Whittemore Warriors 4-H Club

Whittemore Warriors 4-H Club sponsor a Halloween Party at
the Community Center in Whittemore 605 Fourth St. from 6:30-8pm

Games of chance…

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29 Oct

Bloody Mary Competition @ Legion

    Do you make "the BEST" Bloody Mary?!
Contest starts at 9:30am, held at the Whittemore American Legion
Tasting tickets are…

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31 Oct

Trick R' Treat & Trunk R' Treat 5-7pm

Halloween Night Trick R' Treat to houses with lights "ON"
Trunk R' Treat downtown Whittemore on Broad St
5-7pm  Happy

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7 Nov

Friends of the Library Election NIght Soup Supper @ Parish Center

  Friends of the Library host a free-will donation Election Night Soup Supper
Chili or chicken noodle soup is served along with a…
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